NSDA Reference Materials

  • Search Dog Training
    • Ready The Training of the Search and Rescue Dog, 2nd Edition, (Kennel Club Pro), Susan Bulanda , 2010.

    • Search and Rescue Dogs: Training the K-9 Hero , American Rescue Dog, 2002.

    • Search and Rescue Dogs: Training Methods, American Rescue Dog Association, 1991.

    • K-9 TRAILING The Straightest Path, Jeff Schettler, 2011

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    • Buzzards and Butterflies: Humans Remains Detection Dogs, J C Judah, 2008

    • Search Dog Training, Sandy Bryson, 1984

    • Death, Decomposition and Detector Dogs, From Science to Scene, Susan Stejskal, 2013.

    How Dogs Work
    • Scent and the Scenting Dog, William G. Syrotuck, 2000.

    • What the Dog Knows: The Science and Wonder of Working Dogs, Cat Warren, 2013.

    Dog First Aid
    • Pet First Aid: Cats and Dogs, American Red Cross, Bobbie Mammato, 1997.

    • The First Aid Companion for Dogs and Cats, Amy D. Shojar, 2001.

    • Field Guide to Dog First Aid, Emergency Care for the Outdoor Dog, Randy Acker, 1999.

    Search and Rescue Operations
    • Fundamentals of Search and Rescue, NASAR, edited by Donald Cooper, 2005.

    • The Handbook for Managing Land Search Operations, ERI Publications and Training, 2006.

    • Lost Person Behavior: A Search and Rescue Guide on Where to Look - for land, Air and Water, Robert J. Koester, 2009.

    Basic SAR Skills
    • Basic Land Navigation- PMS 475, National Wildfire Coordinating Group, 2007.

    • FIRE WEATHER, Agriculture Handbook 360, Schroeder and Buck, 1970.

    • National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Weather, David Ludlum, 1995

    • Avalanche Safety for Skiers and Climbers, Tony Daffern, 1983