National Search Dog Alliance Code of Ethics

Paid and non-paid professionals have the right to expect specific behavior from each other. With this in mind, members of the National Search Dog Alliance (NSDA) shall adhere to the following code of ethics at all times.

Section I

Law Enforcement, Emergency Management and other Agencies Having Jurisdiction have high expectations and requirements of those with whom they work. This includes the members of the NSDA and all other SAR Responders.

Section II

As SAR Responders, we must conduct ourselves in a professional manner at all times. We will only respond to an incident when authorized or requested by competent authority. When responding, we are there to assist the agency that is in charge and are there for the victim, not ourselves, our team or our agency and will conduct ourselves as such. We are bound to follow the directions of the representatives from the agency that is in charge.

Section III

It is imperative that we train to a high level of competence and always accurately represent our capabilities as well as those of our canine. We will keep ourselves physically fit so that we can safely and effectively complete assigned tasks.

As a professional, I will adhere to this code.